Monday, October 1, 2012

Weekly Weigh-In (#1)

Last week's weigh-in: 141.8lbs
This week's weigh-in: 135.6lbs
Goal weight: 133lbs

Let me start by saying this drop definitely includes bloating, which is usually about 2lbs for me. Even still, 4.2 pounds is a lot in one week. So what happened?

Well, remember my first post where I was all whiny and frustrated with dieting? Yeah, before this past week I had no motivation to diet and was sick of a lot of my diet foods. So I let myself eat whatever I wanted, because if dieting was going to make me miserable and I didn't care about my weight, what was the point? I ate McDonald's fries, Blizzards, chocolate, chip truck poutine, brownies, and pie. And it didn't make me feel better. At all.

Then Moose's family came up for the weekend. I ate okay but still had dessert and alcohol. Moose's mom looked at a recent picture of us on a phone and asked "Who's the pregnant woman?"


I jokingly said, "Well, now I know it's really time to diet." But at that moment, I was suddenly motivated again. (She also thought Moose was some random Asian guy, so I can't be TOO offended.)

So, how to change my diet foods. Well, I have this handy recipe booklet from Jillian that goes along with the Body Revolution workouts. Week 1: Boost Your Metabolism. For one week, eat no flour, sugar, or fruit. NO prepackaged, fake foods. Follow her simple recipes for egg breakfasts, soup or salad lunches, yogurt or hummus snacks, and meat and vegetable dinners. Okay, I can do that.

Obviously, I had good results. I'm a bad test case though, because I made a lot of substitutions for the fish and vegetables I don't like. But I followed the recipes in spirit, didn't cheat, and did so-so on the exercise part. She warned that you may be tired and headache-y from the sudden lack of sugars and carbs. Yes I was, but was that from the food or my sleeping disorder and menstruation side-effects? Who knows.

Anyway, this was a successful start to dieting. I am a little worried about moving into a broader range of food again. I plan to mix Jillian meals with my old diet food. Jillian's meals for the rest of the 90 days are much less strict, but I'm a really picky eater, especially with the dinners. Hopefully I don't fall into my old habits - too many carbs and sweet fruits, not enough variety in meat and vegetables. But my shopping list is nearly unrecognizable, so it looks like a good start!


  1. This makes me so so so happy! Actually, what it really does is make me want to join you. A week of scary eating???? Um, not really. But I can do anything for a week, right? AND your result make it seem worth it.

    I am really proud of you for sticking to it. Go Lisa!!!

    1. Thanks!

      It's actually not that scary for real people, just me who has no palate whatsoever. You would like all the tomato based stuff! And it's actually kind of refreshing to not have to think about what to eat. Pick one of three things off a list. Takes the stress out of "what to have for dinner?" And I was hardly hungry (just when I stayed up too late, as you saw at games night).

  2. that diet sounds like something I should try! is there a link or do you need the dvd? Great job getting started - jealous of your instant success!!!!

    1. You can download the whole Body Revolution off of a *legitimate site*. Or I can give you a copy of the PDFs that have the meal plan and recipe. They are huge file sizes though, so I can't e-mail them.