Tuesday, October 9, 2012

If No News Was Good News, I Would have Nothing to Say

Which is my roundabout way of saying I have nothing good to report.

A quick trip to the doctor has resulted in the following:

- a theory I have strained a tendon = 6 week recovery
- a possibility I have fractured my fibula = 6 week recovery
- an x-ray req. to check which stellar option I have won
- a prescription for Naproxen, to help with healing and inflammation = no alcohol for 2 weeks.

Ya, you read that right. I am paying 1/2 the consequence in advance even though I haven't failed yet! What the what? It should however, help me to lose the rest of the weight and then I can be done this silly endeavor.

I have modified my exercise, since I can't really use my right hand ( see post about my springtime stupidity), and now can't use my right ankle. So I do a lot of abs. Let's hope they are awesome soon!

On the plus side (or minus side?) I am down to 128.4lbs - only 4.4 lbs to go!

I have every intention of running again. As soon as I can roll over in bed, or make it up the stairs without wincing. You should hear the story about how I tripped over a fan carrying the baby in the dark, and then couldn't get back up. Or not. It's kind of depressing...


  1. Ouch! Oh Breanna, that sucks so hard! I wish you the least evil option and a fast recovery! This has been your year for collecting injuries!

    At least your diet is still on track! And ab stuff is more fun than other at home workouts anyway :) Looking forward to the sixpack pics at the end of the challenge!

  2. That sucks so very much. The thought of being exercise sidelined frightens me to death. How would I do it?

    It constantly amazes me how cheerfully you manage. You make it seem easy when I know, if it was me, it would seem so difficult. You are such a role model.

    I will wait for you! I won't leave you (running) behind. Fingers crossed that you get better soon!