Monday, October 8, 2012

They call it a Challenge.....

 Because if it was easy they would call it FUN!

I didn't mean to complete my 100km in a week this week.  It was an accident.  I had an "ah ha!' moment on day 4 (running a million km down Benjamin against the wind will do that to you) that if I could keep going at this rate I would complete the challenge.  Huh.  Gotta love doing half the work before you know what you're in for!

It didn't go as I had planned (does anything? ever?).  I had GREAT plans. I was going to run to end the challenge on my birthday.  On the days Henry was home from school I was going to run 10 km in the morning and then another 5 km in the evening.  I would run 15 km on my own the other days of the week. When I got to the last day (my birthday!), I would only have 10km left to do! I would breeze through it! I would line up running partners to help me along! I would take pictures! It would be amazing!!!

Instead? By accident? Seriously?

Here's the breakdown.  I'm very sure that no one cares about my routes or my distances.  Too bad! It was hard and you should be in awe! Also, I like that I will be able to look back and wax poetic regarding my athleticism.

Run #1 (14.4 km) Tuesday October 2 2012

This was ridiculous.  Scott decided that we should have a "date" and walk on our run to Sandvine.  And hold hands.  And chat.  Hence the weird gap in my should-be-a-loop. I didn't count the distance we walked.  I feel as though I could have.  If I had to walk mid-run, I would count that distance.  Regardless, I feel if I'm going to finish a challenge I should do it clean, therefore the aforementioned gap.  It was a really really nice run.  Pre-knowing-I-was-completing-the-challenge and just for fun. 

Run #2 (10.1 km) Wednesday October 3 2012

This was a run in the rain.  I inhaled a raindrop right up my nose.  That was incredibly unpleasant!! Snorting water isn't my best choice.  This is my usual 10km route.  It's the best run of this distance around our house.  Only one big hill, lots of countryside views and I can always cut it short to 7km if I'm feeling lazy!

Run #3 (15.3 km) Thursday October 4 2012

I love love love this run.  To Sandvine with Scott.  Stop and chat (and kiss goodbye despite the sweaty-ness). Run 10 km home.  I never feel overwhelmed by the distance and have company for 1/3 of the way.  Win win!

Run #4 (16.5km) Friday October 5 2012

Omg, the evil Benjamin run.  The wind is always intense on the longest stretch (down Benjamin past the tree farm) of this loop.  So intense that when the wind broke briefly, I almost fell on my face for pushing too far forward.  Ridiculous. This is when I realized I could complete my 100km if I kept up this pace.  Only three days left! I could do it! It's even a long weekend.  No problem.

Ha! Sometimes I am such an idiot.

Run #5 (15.8 km) Saturday October 6 2012

I picked this route to avoid Benjamin.  No, seriously.  The wind and the long long long-ness of it was too much to contemplate when I was that tired.  So tired.  And hungry.  Running is hard.  And then I had to run the loop backwards to avoid Whore Hill.  That IS really (and truly) it's name.  I get to go down on Whore Hill.  (Always funny!) instead of up.  Gravity is friendly when it's on your side. 

Run #6 (15.8 km) Sunday October 8 2012

Worst. Run. Of. My. Life. 

Worse than the time I hurt my hip and cried all the way home. 

Worse than the time my ibs acted up and I had to run so very slowly to avoid pooping myself. 

Worse than the time I did almost poop myself and instead headed off road and shit in the snow.  The snow melted and the shit steamed.

Worse than the time I had to stop at the gas station and cried to the man that I didn't have any money but could I please use the facilities.  

I take it that you get the picture.  It was cold.  It was pouring rain.  And I was tired.  So tired.  My legs felt like lead.  My body hurt.  I whimpered my way through the run.  I had to talk myself up the hills (it's ok it's ok it's ok it's ok it's ok.....).  For a while I thought I had hurt my knees.  Every time I took a step there was a horrible cold needle pain.  Oh no! How could I complete the challenge?

Until I realized that it wasn't an injury, it was my knees driving into the rain! I am so dumb sometimes!

I called Scott on Bisch to ask him to run me a bath.  I needed something to look forward to when I finally made it home.

Best Husband Ever had the bath ready, rotated the tv (so I could see it from the bath!) and brought me towel so I could dry my hands to use the remote.  I have never loved him more.

Run #7 (15.8 km) Monday October 9 2012

Same route. Much better experience!

It was probabably the 10.5 hours of sleep and the extra meal I ate before bed!

Poor Scott! I dragged him downstairs at 11:30pm  (after we were all tucked in!) to make me some food!! Secret extra meal! After turkey deliciousness. My poor body is so confused with all of the running.

Regardless, the food, the sleep and the running partner (yay Scott!!) made my final 16km a non-horrible experience.

It is a miracle that I am not injured.  The worst of it was a tiny cut on one of my toes.  I know, poor me!

I am so proud.  The total for the week comes to 103.7 km.  I feel as though marathon training is possible.  This is almost 2.5 marathons for the week.  Running a full one isn't outside the realm of possibility!!!

What have I learned? 

1. Running is hard.  I am exhausted.
2. Running is hungry.  I am always hungry.
3.  I have a very supportive husband.  Scott rocks.
4. My body is robust.  While tired and hungry, there is nothing else wrong with me.
5. I like running even when I hate it.  The only time I felt well on Saturday is when I was out and running.
6. No one else cares about running.  I told everyone I know that I was headed towards 100 km this week.  It wasn't relevant to pretty much anyone! Which is fair.  I don't really care how far anyone else can skate/swim/ski/power walk. 
7. I would rather watch poker on tv than run in the cold rain.  Lame.

Best part? I will never have to do it again if I don't want to!!!!!

One challenge down, two to go!


  1. Yay! So much work- you are awesome!

  2. I am in awe! That is so very awesome! (See what I did there?) My body totally would have crapped out if I was you! I quite enjoyed the breakdown of each run. More interesting than reading "I hit XXX pounds. The end."

    So very proud of you! And I do care how much you run. Every time someone outside of the group talks about running all I can think is how lame a runner they must be because Krista runs way farther than that all the time! "Walking? I don't understand, it's called 'running', why were you walking in there?" "Oh, five kilometers is very good... For your first time out - whoops, you trained for three months to get to five K?" Good thing I don't say those thoughts aloud!

    Congrats again! Take a well deserved break from running!

  3. Also, I have had the wind issue on my bike. Leaning, leaning, leaning - oh sheep the wind suddenly stopped and I just about swerved into a transport truck! Gah, the wind came back and now I'm headed across the gravel to the ditch! Stupid wind!