Monday, October 22, 2012

Challenge Complete!

In happier (less whiny) news, I have completed my push-up challenge!!!

Never under estimate my desire to prove myself post fight-with-my-husband!!!

First set: 26
Second set: 15
Third set: 10

Total: 51

I went over by rote.  I forgot that I was done.  Whoops.

I should have timed myself between sets.  There were less than a minute apart.  Just enough time to curse and send the blood scurrying around my body looking for more oxygen.

I may never lift anything again, but it's done. 

I haven't been training outright for this challenge.  I have, however, been Jillian-ing.  And as everyone knows, it's her favourite strength exercise.  How could I not improve?!

Two down, one to go!!


  1. That is a very awesome amount of push-ups! And push-ups are super evil! I still struggle to do a full set of push-ups during any Jillian interval, so I think it would take me a year of training to make it to 50 in one day!


  2. Yay! Pushups are so hard - and such a great way of measuring overall fitness! Much better than a weight!