Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday...dun dun dunnnnn...

Starting weight: 134.5
Today's weight: 129.5
Goal weight: 124.0
Pounds to go: 6.5

So last week I managed to get back on track simply by eating very healthy and not snacking. At all. Ask my kids how much fun that was for them. Actually, do us all a favour and don't!
But! It did make me realize how much leeway I give myself when I exercise. Oh sure I can eat that - I will just run it off later! Or not. So that was a good lesson. This week I am hoping to start back up running and yoga and Jillian, ankle permitting. It still hurts but not nearly as bad.

Side note: I do not consider myself a wuss. I never take sick days ( 2 in 5 years!), I don't let myself feel sorry for myself and I really don't like not being able to do things. Frig, I was walking around hours after giving birth. But I cannot believe how much this hurts! I actually with there was a bruise, or swelling or SOMETHING!!!! so I don't feel like such a ninny. GAH. I also hate. hate. hate. feeling like I am letting someone down in a commitment. SO I am getting back in my (NEW!!!) shoes and getting out there!

Goal update:
Run 10 k 
Run 15k
Run 20 k - God I hope so!! Maybe in 3 weeks?????
Get back to doing pushups - 25 in a row - ummm. So my hand is still really sore. I can do about 3-5 then it feels like my right thumb is going to explode. Working on it. Doubt I will get there :(
No more night-time snacking!  My secret is to have Rob watch me or eat dinner late and go to bed early. I know it's kind of cheating but i haven't snacked in weeks!!!!!
Make at least 3/4 of the Christmas gifts I give this year- I have a plan - it should get underway once I finish Halloween costumes!
Continue ( okay start) training for a marathon.- working on getting back at it :)


  1. Yay, back on track! Night snacking is evil for dieting, and good health in general. Good for you for beating it! Having Moose watch me after dinner works really well too :)

    I am a wuss, but I know how you feel about when you have pain, people should be able to SEE it! If I'm suffering, I want people to look at my injury and go, "Augh! That's horrible!"

    You sound super motivated! Yay on crossing off some of your goals! Keep at it!

  2. You are the LEAST wussy person I know. Seriously. Anyone who can beat whore hill after only 1 try is amazing!!!

    I also allow myself a bunch of leeway when exercising. It doesn't help that running so much makes me insanely hungry. Today I vowed to myself that I wouldn't snack or drink anything but water. (So far so good!)

    Sports drinks are one of my biggest weaknesses. They taste so good after running. And 150 calories compared to the almost 600 I just burnt.... worth it! Or not. With the post-running snack and then the pre-dinner snack.... there goes all my hard work.

    Speaking of running.... 16km this weekend? I was thinking Sunday morning. What say you?

  3. You are too kind! I will give it my best effort (and I might sneak a CElebrex before departure or not really ;)