Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I think Sunday should have been the new Monday!

Dammit! My friend frienemy the scale needs to go to hell and die. 

Sunday morning: 134lbs
Monday morning: 137lbs
Tuesday morning: 135lbs (after breakfast)

It seems as though I am losing weight.  I feel hungry enough that I should be losing weight.  Sadly, it doesn't always work that way.  Next week should help determine if there is a downward trend.

The good news (when you are an optimist there is always good news!) is that I have been sincerely enjoying getting back together with Jillian.  She is my friend.  Always yelling at me to do that one last push-up, hold that idiot squat for 5 more seconds.

I love feeling strong.  Thanks for that Jills.

Oh! And there's more! I'm not yet tired of salad(s) and soup(s).  The dieters bread and butter, those two. 

Finally, my jeans fit better.  Fat jeans, you are OUT!  Skinny jeans, get ready, I'm coming for you!


  1. the 21st century bra burning would be a scale de-battery-ing. I love Jillian. She somehow makes it feel like she cares about YOU, even though she really has no idea who you are! This is the perfect time of year for soup. I am in love with it too!

  2. Indeed, I had salad last night and was like, "Mmm, delicious, how did I ever forsake you?" Also bought the ingredients for three different soups. I had basically nothing but vegetables in the grocery cart. (Made me feel superior to the guy behind me with bread and frozen dinners :P )

    Also, you know you are dieting when you go to the grocery store hungry, pack leeks into a bag, and go, "OMG leeks, you smell delicious. I want to bite you before we get home."