Monday, October 15, 2012

Monday - Update!

Good Morning!

There is lots to talk about today. I got my x-ray results back - no fracture!!! So I am almost 3 weeks into rest, and it is so.much.better. I almost feel like I could run on it. Soon. I just know it!

I weighed in yesterday afternoon instead of last night - good thing too since we had a birthday dinner for my brother and chicken piccata and pumpkin cheesecake brownies are so not diet food. But so worth it - omg you guys they were delicious!!!

Weight: 127.2
Goal: 124
Pounds to go: 3.2

So close! It is the frustrating part where you can see the goal is soclose and yet still S O  F A R away.  Even if I can manage to lose a pound a week (yeah right) it is still 3 weeks of torture.

I have learned that although it is a good way to measure overall change, the trying to hit a certain weight goal is stupid. At least for me. It does keep me motivated but I really could care less about the actual number on the scale. I care most about how strong I feel, and how my clothes fit properly. No weight goal next time - someone remind me!!!

I am loving the No More Trouble Zones Jillian workout. I can do all but a few of the exercises ( surrenders, and the plank twists) but there is no problem just subbing in something else while they do those couple of things. This is the first time I have tried a new workout and have been able to not only keep up, but enjoy it. Usually I am practically dying or falling over ( due to lack of fitness and overall clumsiness). But I can keep up and have already gone up to a heavier weight for a bunch of the moves! So yay Jillian!

On an unrelated note - I am a sneaky soup genius. My kids think they only like canned tomato soup (okay in a pinch but really? homemade is sooooooo much better!) So I served then minestrone, and the claimed it was yucky. Then! I blended it up, added a drop of cream et voila! They ate it. Haha children I am smarter than you (at least for now!)


  1. Yay no fracture! Must be a relief! Glad you are healing quickly!

    The weight goal is tricky. So fickle, and there's obviously a range at which you look good. I know Krista will definitely agree with you about no weight goal next time!

    Go Jillian! I love/hate the feeling of doing well with Jillian. Yay I'm strong and can do all the hard versions! Darn, it feels like I didn't do a hard enough workout because I don't want to die!

    Blending the soup is a good idea! I have often been tempted to do the same thing with meh vegetable soups! The best part will be telling the children when they are older how you tricked them!

  2. The best part of the inability to do a real pushup using my right foot for balance is that I tried the advanced move where you lift one leg off the ground and I could do it! Yay! Although my lats do not think I am funny today ;P

  3. OMG I am so jealous. The stupid Jillian trouble zones things HATES me. My triceps suck. My abs suck. Everything pretty much sucks. You are amazing!!!

    I love love love tricking the short and loud people. So incredibly awesome. Makes my whole day!

    I'm glad that you're healing well. Back on the road again soon. I miss running with you! I can't wait until you are back in business!