Monday, November 12, 2012

Tell me why? I don't like Mondays...

Last week: 136.4lbs
This week: 134.8lbs
Goal: 133lbs

1.8lbs to lose in 19 sleeps. It is possible!

This past week the scale has settled down a bit, not jumping around like crazy. I'm not sure if my body has started to find equilibrium or if the combination of medications (one with the side effect of constipation and the other with the side effect of diarrhea) has made my gut act normal for a change. We shall see as I go off the second med. I am trying hard not to succumb to the "modest weight gain" side effect of the stupid drugs.

In Jillian news, I have started week 9 of Body Revolution, meaning I am on workouts 9 and 10 and cardio 3. These are definitely the hardest Jillian workouts I have ever done. (With exception to Extreme Shed and Shred which I just did with Krista. They have a lot of the same exercises, so it follows they are about the same level.) I am so sore, as if I've been doing solid weight training. But, I have never enjoyed Jillian more.

The more difficult the exercises get with lots of balancing and doing lower and upper body exercises at the same time, the more interesting it is. It takes a lot of focus to do the moves properly and I never get bored during the workouts or need to watch a show while doing the non-cardio workouts. I really enjoy rotating through three videos and doing something new every two weeks. I'm excited (and afraid) to see what workouts 11 and 12 are like.


  1. OMG!!! You're going to make it.

    I have to say, I am utmostly impressed about how controlled you have been. It's hard not to indulge during festivities and you are doing a great job! So proud of you!!!

    So, soup and salad for dinner on Friday?

    Also, the harder Jillians are absolutely better. They make you feel strong, coordinated and engaged. I'm glad you are still going strong!

  2. You are so close! It is going to feel so good to be done - and the suspense is highly entertaining :) Did you ever jump and hit the roof? I thought that sounded cool!