Friday, November 2, 2012

Goal Accomplished! And Notes About Cleansing...

So the weight loss from the cleanse looked like this:
Day 1: 130 (eff you bloat)
Day 2: 126 (nice!)
Day 3: 124.4(so close!!!)
Morning after Day 3: 123.4 (which is my absolute favourite number to see on the scale. My favourite time to see on the clock is 12:34 so really I am just plain weird)

The cleanse was exhausting, challenging, and rewarding. I really missed food while I was juicing, but liked knowing exactly what to make to eat.

It was such an adventure buying the groceries! I was the crazy vegetable lady in the grocery store! My cart was F-U-L-L! Of all kinds of things I would never buy. I even got into a sign language fight with an old lady (who did not speak English) over the last of the swiss chard! No! you can't have one! I need all eight! (note : swiss chard is the most disgusting of the cleanse foods. I should have let her take all of them)
                                               Four people. Three days. Fifteen juices!
                                            Fruit and vegetables as far as the eye can see....
Day 1: "Breakfast" No, not the delicious looking mayo. The brightly hued orange slime. Yum.

After completing the challenge, I wouldn't rule it out as a thing I might do again. I liked how full the drinks were. And some were actually delicious. Green Lemonade! I would actually drink that in real life.  Some were nasty (morning snack from day 2 and I are still not on speaking terms)

I would never recommend doing it alone. Team camaraderie is what got me through most of the days. It was great, truly. There are so few difficult things you do in life that others share with you in the exact same way. Having people who understood how hard it was and how proud you were of your self was amazing. Doing it alone would not be as rewarding. I am not only proud of myself but of my teammates!

It has given me a new appreciation of food. Breakfast was underwhelming. After spending days anticipating the first bite, it was meh. (we had egg mcmuffins, which I normally love). I find myself wondering where the flavour is! The juices were so vibrant - you could really taste all the ingredients (sometimes that was a bad thing - evil evil swiss chard). The other thing I found, was that because the flavours were so strong, you really took the time to focus on your food. So even though it was just a drink, you really had a chance to experience all the different tastes of the ingredients.

It was exhausting. I have never been so snappy in my life. I am glad that is over.

                                        Ginger, lemon and hot water. Cleansers best friend!
          Breakfast Day 3: trying the theory that everything tastes better in a martini glass.
                                                                     Bottoms Up!
                                                           Finished product!
March vs. November

All in all, it was an experience I will never forget. I am glad I did it just as much as I am glad it is over!


  1. Oh My God!!

    I know I said as much last night but it needs "saying" again. Holy crap Breanna, you look amazing. Like jaw dropping awesome. I am floored. And so so so proud of you! You look so strong and fit and thin and mostly, you look so happy!!

    I am beyond happy for you. You have worked so hard and been so determined. And it was so worth it!!! Congratulations!!!

  2. Congrats Breanna! I'm surprised you are on such good terms with the cleanse! Glad you found it so rewarding! Love the shots of the martini glasses!

    Your before and after pics are amazing! You look SO great! Sexy mama, here she comes! Congrats!