Sunday, November 4, 2012

Cleanse Pictures

In case you wanted more. Because dude, you can never get enough of the cleanse!!

Breakfast Day 1.  Yum?

Bottom's up!

Poor Scott.  He didn't know what he was getting into!

Our Frenemy the Juicer.  Making, um, something to "eat".

Layers.  Delicious.

Baba!! Cutest Cleanser. I cannot believe she liked the juices.

Getting worse.  Scott is not tolerating this well......

Rob has collapsed.

Breanna has turned into a lion!!! So so so cold.

Lunch (Dinner?) in my coat.  Yes, I was THAT cold.

And the best picture........................

Ta Da!
Challenge Complete!!!!

1 comment:

  1. The cleanse pics are awesome. You guys are so cheery to start - have no idea what is going to happen! So glad the cleanse worked for you!

    Congrats on making your goal! Yay! So many delicious things are coming back into your life! And just in time to celebrate Scott's birthday guilt free!