Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Starting to slack off...

I am so sick of chin-ups.  So so so sick of them.  Something about them make my right elbow ache (like it has a headache) and my lower back snap.  Not my best look.

I know that I am biased towards letting myself off the hook.  Because, dude, I'm lazy!  So, I'm offering a compromise.  I am still running and Jillianing and exercising almost every day. I plan on completing my chin-up goal.  I am just going to do fewer days in a week of chin-ups.  I will chin-up on the days that I run.  Give myself a break when I am already working similar muscles with Jillian.

I'm also hoping that cutting back will help my lower back heal a bit.  It's sore enough that I yelped while fetching a pan from the drawer under my stove.  Dude.  I am SO old!

In more interesting news, I am enjoying maintenance.  It agrees with me.  I absolutely find it stressful that I don't know what I should be eating...... or how much cheating is too much.  But I am reveling in the combination of exercise and eating good food.  Yes, I would like the left over meatloaf for a sandwich for lunch! And yes, I would like a very tiny cookie with my coffee in the afternoon.  And yes, I would like eggnog in my latte!!!! Dude!!

The challenge of maintenance remains a rather large learning curve.  With Christmas around the corner, an even bigger challenge.  Not to worry, if I fail at maintenance I can get right back to dieting.  And THAT I understand!

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  1. Dude, if you are running or Jillian-ing every day, I think moving your third set of exercise to every other day is not slacking off. Your body needs break days to recover those muscles. That's why it is complaining so loudly! Listen to it!

    I am so on board with joining the maintenance "challenge" (it is a challenge between self and will, the planner and the doer!). Christmas will be scary indeed, but I think keeping up with the exercise and eating/drinking in moderation will be the key. You could always start counting calories again if you get really confused!

    Perhaps the near-future goal should be to NOT HAVE TO DIET after Christmas! Scale goes up a pound? Eat like you're dieting the next day!