Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Weekly update

So last week happened. And sucked. And I ate my way through it. This means I am sitting at a lovely 131lbs on Sunday Night.

Boo. Must get back on track Self! I said, to myself. So I tried to run a "fast" 10km last night. I made it 1km before my right ankle started to hurt. It had hurt at about 8km? on the long run on Sunday so I thought I would just run to 5 and then be fine to carry on. Turns out no. The darn thing is Skotted right up. At 2.5 km I called Rob because I couldn't even walk without looking like a gimp.

Today was ice, rest (ha! I have three little kids!) and take it easy. I need to go get new shoes. and a tensor bandage. I will get better! But today I was seriously bummed.


  1. That sucks. No, seriously. SUCKS!!! New shoe shopping this weekend? Or this week? How are you doing now?

  2. Boo! I hate injury! It is so frustrating when you want to work out but can't. Hopefully you heal quickly. Good running shoes is a must! Good luck shopping!