Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Starting the Diet - AGAIN

My rule is when I hit 140 on the scale, I have to diet. No choice, sucka. Not allowed to go up a pant size ever again.

I hit 140lbs in June. I "started" dieting several times. I did not lose any weight. Finally I had two successful weeks of dieting before camping. Then I gained back what I lost. I hit 142 point something after camping.

Finally, two weeks after camping, the real dieting started again.

My official goal is 133lbs. It is an "easy" and simple goal. I don't have the drive to do the hard goal like in the spring.

I am using Jillian Michael's Body Revolution to help me achieve this goal, as well as rock climbing and biking (for as long as weather permits). I can't decide whether to try following Jillian's meal plan or not. So many foods I don't like... (fish, vegetables!) I don't know if I could do it. But my diet food probably needs a reboot.

My unofficial goals need work. They are not easily measurable and seemingly unattainable. Those are pretty bad qualities for goals.

#1: 130lbs (and stay there!).
I hit it once, for about 3 days. It was so hard, and I felt like the only way to maintain it was to make dieting my forever way of eating (no junk or booze, ever). But any higher than this and I feel like I still need to lose weight.

#2: Have a flat stomach.
I was at 130lbs. I finished Jillian's Six Weeks Six Pack (even did levels 1&2 back to back). I could feel all the muscles (and still can!), but I still didn't have a flat stomach. What else to do? Is it simply not possible?

#3: Stop needing to diet 1 month after finishing dieting.
Every time I diet, I immediately gain back 2 lbs the week after I finish because I can't help gorging. Then I slowly gain weight for the next couple months and hit my max weight again. Then I need to diet. AGAIN. I am so sick of constantly needing to diet, of every family event saying, "Yeah, I'm dieting again."

When I gain weight after a weekend of indulgence or a vacation, I want to lose the weight right away and get back to my goal weight. After a vacation, Moose simply doesn't indulge (but doesn't eat diet food) and falls back to his previous weight. If I go back to consistent healthy-ish foods and exercise, I will simply maintain my new weight. How do I fix my body's metabolism? How do I reset my body's comfortable weight? Is the only option dieting for a week after one day of drinking or dessert? That's still constant dieting!

Hurumph I say. 

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  1. It is so hard to diet and exercise. But I am really seeing that it has to be a whole life thing, within reason, or you just keep slipping back into old bad habits. Good luck finding your balance - you can do it!