Monday, September 17, 2012

It's Monday. Time for an Update!

Starting weight: 141
Saturday's weight: 136
Goal weight: 130
Pounds to go: 6

Still.  I didn't bother to weigh myself Sunday and I forgot to weigh myself this morning.  No seriously, Scott brought coffee and smoothie to wake me up this morning and I didn't hop up and run to the bathroom scale before indulging.  See.... it can happen!!

On the plus side, this week I ran a whopping 54km.  Of course, I have managed to hurt my foot (what? huh? NOOOOO!!!) and am heading to the doctor tomorrow to ensure that it isn't a stress fracture.  Fingers crossed Dr. Let's Check Everything says that I'm ok to keep running.

I was originally planning to post that one of my goals was to ban alcohol this week.  And then I remembered that we have out of town guests.  People, I am going to need to drink.  Next week.  Next week I will be better.  This week I will exercise my ass off (hopefully literally) to compensate for the extra calories.  I promise!

Running Song of the Week:

Makes me happy.  Every time.

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  1. Yay for 54km! Yay for going to the doctor! Thanks :)