Thursday, August 23, 2012

Suck it In or Suck it Up!

You know the feeling...

... those cute clothes you bought at the start of the summer are a little too tiiight...
... the "look at this muscle" has turned into "I'm sure if I flex right it will show up"...
... admiring your fine self in the mirror has become fleeting glances...
... a drink with dinner has become three while watching T.V...

Just me? Possibly, but probably not entirely;)

So - time for a new challenge. And this time the consequences are going to hurt worse than the pain of getting back on track!

A dry Christmas season. Starting Dec. 1st straight through until the 31st. No imbibing at the Christmas parties. No champagne with your turkey. No booze. No frivolity. No fun.

Here is the challenge: Pick a goal. Weight loss. Distance run. Physical feats of strength. Any of the above. But make it hard. Make it so hard you don't think you will be able to do it and then we will work together to get it done! Do it by Dec 1, and you are free to enjoy your holiday season. Fail and dun dun dun... no booze for yooze!

Last time the group was so successful. We inspired each other to keep going and felt accountable to something bigger than ourselves. It's a sad state that I can't seem to motivate myself if there is not a bigger reward than good health. But at least I have realized it!

So ... are you with me?


  1. I'm in! I'm in! Of course!! Grant me blog privileges? I'll even disclose the evil post-camping dieting fail. It was ugly.

  2. I am in also! I have started dieting and failed so many times over the summer. I also can't seem to do it without outside motivation!